Whether it is 15 minutes a week, an hour once a month or an event once a year, volunteers are the backbone of the EWGA.  Volunteering also connects you to other members …. expanding your golf network.  Contact Nancy Lyons, our Member Services Director, with your questions, a description of your expertise or interest and how much time you have to give. See below for a list of committees and events that need volunteers.

Golf Programs & Services

We make it easy for members to learn the game and improve performance by coordinating with local golf professionals to deliver Golf Education offerings. The events target Chapter members of all skill levels. It is also important for members to understand and know how to apply the rules of golf and observe proper etiquette while playing. Pairing new golfers with experienced golfers is essential to helping women become knowledgeable and confident on and around the golf course. We do this through:
• Golf Clinics/Lessons
• Rules, Etiquette & Handicap Education
• Seminars
• Newsletter/Website Articles on Etiquette and Rules

Chair: Del Sayles-Owen
Members: Clare Payne, Laura Espinoza, Mary Lou Azevedo, Sonya Bradley, Fern Lukka

Onsite Event Managers (5 volunteers needed)
Assignment of clinics/events can be made to fit your schedule.

• Help set up sessions with the instructor
• Make sure the facility is set up prior to start time
• Sign in registrants for the event and handle any “walk in” participants
• Introduce the instructor and welcome members and guests to the sessions
• Answer questions and resolve issues
• Take photographs
• Prepare a brief recap of the event

Marketing Assistants (3 volunteers needed):
Wanted are individuals interested in marketing activities and other pre and post event communications including:
• Preparing feature articles for the eBlast and the website, including participant interviews
• Posting events on Meet Up
• Preparing and distributing flyers
• Conducting course satisfaction surveys

For the most part, you can work from the comfort of your own desk!

Golf Mentors (10 volunteers needed):

Needed are experienced players interested in assisting in Fast Trackers and other supervised practice sessions, both on the course and at the practice facility. We can design assignments to meet your schedule.

Golf Events & Activities

This area organizes all golf outings and a Committee Member is appointed for each golf event and asked to take primary responsibility for an event.  (Volunteers always needed – Many events to assist with)

Responsibilities vary by event, but can include the following:
• Ensuring events details are correct and updated on Chapter communications
• Picking a format for the tournament or play day
• Provide the designated golf course with pairings
• Coordinate, if any, proximities, scoring, or registration
• Work with the treasurer to account for any money collected at the tournament
• Soliciting and gathering prizes for the event (if applicable)
• Prepare recap of event and submit to Communications Chair
• Coordinate handicaps with the Handicap Chair
• Taking Photographs for eBlasts/Website
• Provide tournament results to PR chair
• Tournament volunteers assist with registration, questions, directions, scoring, etc.

Chair: Vicki Philpott
Members: Patricia Ickes, Kris Corbridge, Charlotte Wells

•    Championship Tournament Event Chair – Theresa Stamey
•    Swing for the Girls Fundraiser – CHAIR NEEDED!!!

Social Events Committee

This committee organizes all non-golf events, such as Kickoff Brunch, Year-End Event, the EWGA Demo evening, other socials, graduation parties for Fast Trackers, and “Welcome to Golf” participants. (5 Volunteers Needed - Assignment of events can be made to fit your schedule)

Responsibilities vary by event, but can include the following:
• Ensuring events details are correct and updated on Chapter communications
• Make sure the facility is set up prior to start time
• Assist with any additional setup
• Sign in registrants for the event and handle any “walk in” participants
• Welcome members and guests to the events
• Answer questions and resolve issues
• Take photographs
• Prepare a brief recap of the event

Chair: Vicki Philpott/Jobi Marchand
Members: Theresa Stamey

League Play Committee

Coordinates all Chapter leagues. There are multiple leagues throughout the year where assistance is needed.

The leagues we currently have in place are:
• Snow Bunny league (currently in progress)
• Spring Fun League - begins in April.
• Stableford League - begins in the fall. 
• Casual leagues
   o Mondays: Alternates Sierra Pines and William Land Park 9 Holes (tee times vary between 10:30a.m.-2:00p.m.)
   o Mondays: Sierra Pines evenings (begins after Daylight Savings Time)
   o Tuesdays: Morning 18-hole fun play at various courses
   o Wednesdays: Haggin Oaks Arcade Creek begins in April until mid-October.

Vicki Philpott
Members:  Patricia Ickes, Kris Corbridge, Charlotte Wells, Fern Lukka, Sharon Blume, Linda Reid

Handicap Committee

This committee assists Membership in obtaining and maintaining an official USGA handicap index. Works with the Chapter Championship Tournament Chair on championship handicaps. Conduct handicap seminar. (1 Volunteer Needed)

Chair: Kris Corbridge
Members: PWGA – Lori Lucius, NCGA – Theresa Stamey

Membership Recruitment Committee

As part of this committee, we have a booth at the annual Haggin Oaks Golf Expo; participate in non-golf events, when possible, (mixers; networking events, member’s professional organizations, etc.) as a method of reaching out to women who currently do not play golf or have been away from the game, to bring them into or back into the game.  We will attend professional mixers and networking events as ambassadors of EWGA. (Several volunteers needed throughout the year)

Responsibilities include:
•    Help set-up, manage, and tear down our space at the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo in April
•    Introduce yourself and explain our organization
•    Take photographs for eBlast/Website
•    Conduct new member orientations
•    Attend networking events and professional organizations
•    Communicate via telephone and e-mail to follow-up on questions potential members may have and to encourage them to give EWGA a try.

Fern Lukka
Members:  Theresa Stamey, Deana Frandsen, Connie Clark, Del Sayles-Owen, Yvonne Walden

Member Services Committee

Responsibilities of the Membership Services committee include the following activities. Some of these activities are conducted at specific events and some can be performed from the comfort of your home. (2 Volunteers Needed)

• Maintain membership roster and mailing list
• Welcome new members
• Contact inactive members
• Encourage membership renewals
• Match members with chapter volunteer opportunities
• Recognize membership contributions to the chapter
• Conduct new member orientations
• Recruit “golf buddies” and mentors for newer golfers who request one
• Communicate any new members to Communications Chair for acknowledgement
• Ensure new members get set up in the system to register for events and access website
• Assist with the annual Member Satisfaction Survey.

Chair: Nancy Lyons
Members: Chao Chen

Sponsorship Committee

Secures sponsorship funding and prizes to supplement operations and grow the Sacramento Chapter. (2 Volunteers Needed)

Responsibilities include:
• Communicating with businesses or local vendors to obtain sponsorships, in-kind donations, etc.
• Reaching out to sponsors to coordinate Social event, per level of sponsorship
• Submit recap of Sponsor’s Social event to Communications Chair
• Take photographs of Sponsor’s Social event
• Ensure that all obligations of sponsorship agreement are met
• Obtaining/Updating Sponsor details on website/eBlasts/Facebook
• Encouraging renewal of sponsorships
• Coordinating with Sponsors for Chapter events where Sponsors can be promoted

Chair: Tammy Pinnick

Communications Committee

Responsible for all marketing communications including website, public relations, marketing collateral, brand management, and direct marketing including weekly eBlasts, event marketing, advertising and social media.

Chair: Tammy Pinnick
Members: Theresa Stamey

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) Assistant (1 Volunteer Needed)
• Add and promote chapter events
• Upload or post photos of events
• Respond to comments or posts

Communications Assistant
• Reach out to Chairs to gather recaps on events
• Write up articles or assist with publishing eBlasts via Constant Contact
• Ensure eBlast is published weekly

Website Assistant
• Keeping website updated with event recaps, results, etc. from the eBlasts
• Adding events to the Chapter Calendar
• Uploading all pictures to Photobucket and linking to website
• Ensure eBlast is published weekly