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It’s that time of year again when we kick off a new season of golf.  Given our very busy schedules, it may be hard to decide just what events you might want to play in.  There are local events, statewide events, and national events.  It can be quite overwhelming, but one of these events, the EWGA Cup has already opened registration.

The EWGA Cup is an amateur match play competition conducted under the direction of the EWGA Association Headquarters (EWGA). Competition is conducted in two stages of play:

  • Cup Qualifier  – 18 holes of Four-Ball* and 18 holes of Singles** completed over 2 days to determine the teams that will advance to The Cup Finals. Qualifiers will be held during September and October.  There are two (2) regional qualifiers in our region, the Western and Pacific, both will be held September 23-24, 2017 at the Angel Park Mountain & Palm Courses in Las Vegas, NV.  
  • The first place team at each Regional Qualifier will automatically qualify to advance to The Cup Finals. One European team from their respective Qualifier will advance to The Cup Finals. All other advancement opportunities will be determined using a percentage basis. The number of teams advancing from a Regional Qualifier will be determined based on the number of teams in each Regional Qualifier, the total number of teams in all Regional Qualifiers and the course capacity at The Cup Finals. The maximum number of teams at any Regional Qualifier and at The Cup Finals will be determined by course capacity. The number of teams that will qualify to advance at a Regional Qualifier will be announced no later than the time at which pairings are finalized for that Regional Qualifier.
  • National Championship - The Cup Finals – 18 holes of Four-Ball* and 18 holes Singles** completed over 2 days and will be held October 27-28, 2017 at the LPGA International Jones & Hills Courses in Daytona Beach, Florida.

All players who wish to compete in the EWGA Cup must meet the eligibility requirements.

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*Four Ball Match Play - A match in which two players (a side) play their better ball against the better ball of two other players (the opposing side). 
All players play their own ball. The lower net score of the two players is the team score on the hole.

**Singles Match Play - A match in which one player plays against another player. Scoring is determined by a hole-by-hole competition. 

This year, as in the past, if there are only 8 ladies who are able to commit to ALL levels of this competition considering cost, time, etc. then those 8 will be the team.  If more than 8 are able to definitely commit, then a qualifying event will be scheduled near the end of April.  What would be great would be to send 2 teams.

Those interested please contact me, Kris Corbridge, bkcorbridge300@gmail.com as soon as possible.